After the implementation of new measures concerning online video games in China, Tencent Holdings has decided to permanently shut down the Everyday Texas Hold’Em platform. The group has just officially announced it on Monday, September 10.

Players will be compensated

The most popular poker site in China has therefore closed its doors to users and the servers will subsequently be disconnected from September 25, confirms the Chinese leader in social networks and video games. Through this press release, members will also be compensated according to the regulations established by the Ministry of Culture. An initiative that should satisfy all players still surprised by this news.

In China, the government continues to fight illegal gambling practices. The authorities have started a fist campaign to curb activities that do not comply with the rules in force. Since the start of the year, there have been tighter regulations and censorship by top Chinese officials. And the Shenzhen group is not escaping it and is paying the price. For example, a highly anticipated title of the brand “Monster Hunter: World was banned from sale last month by Chinese regulatory authorities, just a week after its release.” The launch of this video game has aroused unprecedented enthusiasm among fans of the genre. On the side of Tencent, the operator has relied on efficient control tools aimed at verifying the access of its online games to minors. It must be said that addiction affects more and more young users. On August 31, the Chinese tech leader lost billions of dollars in just one sitting due to tougher gaming laws. According to a spokesperson for Tencent, the permanent closure of the poker site constitutes a commercial adjustment by not making any additional comment on the subject. But according to an anonymous source, this measure is not a surprise, because the Chinese authorities mainly target the betting sector, an activity still banned in mainland China. As a result, sports betting, online gambling and gambling remain the first victims of these new standards. It must be said that addiction affects more and more young users.

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