All countries that have land-based casinos in their territory can make substantial profits. But some countries have never agreed to develop gambling activities on their territory. This is especially the case in Japan, which does not have gambling establishments all over the country. But before the explosion of the gambling market in Macau, Japan plans to return to its position and is even said to be ready to legalize casinos. Its Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, introduced a bill providing for the installation of casinos. On Wednesday, June 18, a debate took place in the Japanese parliament. We have published a document on the subject under the title Japan Wants to Legalize Casino Gambling .

Promotion of tourism and countering illegal games

The liberalization of this market would allow Japan to double their income since land-based gambling establishments would attract many tourists and mainly prevent the Japanese from playing in illegal casinos. This increase in the money supply is not negligible. By opening the doors of its first casino in 2019, the Japanese country could quickly gain a foothold in the global gaming market and position itself in second place, just behind Macau, which should retain its leadership position. Large foreign game companies have already expressed their desire to develop game complexes similar to those they already have overseas. Tokyo will certainly be the city that could have the greatest number of gambling establishments, like Osaka as well as Yokohama.

Entrance fee for Japanese citizens

The government has provided for 30% taxes for operators, as well as a fee of $ 55 for players wishing to enter future casinos. These fees will be payable on each visit – a priori only for Japanese people, but not tourists. The people for the moment tend to criticize the government’s decision to want to launch these gaming establishments, with nearly 65% ​​of the votes against, 26% of the votes for and the rest still undecided.

Good things take time

This project, in the long term, will certainly not be feasible for several years. Preparing the launch of these future casinos is not an easy task, the places of investment of the complexes are still to be chosen, and already to take into account the competition among the international ones. The last step will be licensing and construction. While waiting for these ambitions to be realized, we will have to be content with what is at hand. At present, Japan has only one type of slot machine associated with a pinball machine: the pachinko.. This one-armed game is all the rage in Japan and its sales volume speaks volumes: in 2012, it was close to $ 28 billion. The road is still far from emerging casinos in Japan, especially because not all Japanese are in favor of this legalization of gambling. A Buddhist political party refutes the idea that gambling is allowed in Japan. All media will be deployed to provide flawless casinos.

The 2020 Olympics and the games market, if open, should provide Japan with considerable cash flow.

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